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Peachland Seniors' Support Society 
Board of Directors

President - Keith Fielding

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Keith Fielding is a community advocate, Councillor and former Mayor of the District of Peachland.    He has  been instrumental in seeking to bringing  affordable seniors housing to Peachland. He serves  as a Director for the Peachland Seniors' Support Society and looks  forward to ensuring successful completion of Phase 2  of this important project for Peachland.

Vice-President William "Bill" Dupuis

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Bill and his wife Joan have called Peachland home for 30 years.  He has had a very diverse career, starting out as a pilot, then moving into the insurance and real estate business before retiring in 2015.  Bill has been a volunteer fireman, ambulance attendant, founding President of Nakusp Golf Course, Hospital Board of Directors, Water Board Director, President and Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Building Chairman for the Handicapped Society, Board of Director, Chair of the Academic and Applied Studies for Okanagan College Board.

After moving to Peachland, he became a  member and president for the Peachland Business Association (now called the Chamber of Commerce), and was the founding President of the Pentowna Marina. He was also a Board member of the Peachland Wellness Centre.  

Secretary-Treasurer Eldon Kerbes

Eldon Kerbes.jpg

Born and raised in central Alberta, Eldon graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry. He worked in forest products management for 35 years throughout Canada and the Northwest Territories. 

Eldon retired in 2001 and moved with his wife Donna to Peachland . He joined the Peachland Lions Club  shortly thereafter and volunteered in other ways. In 2009, Donna and Eldon were awarded Citizens of the Year. He served one term as Councillor and currently serves on the Committee for the Phase 2 building.

Director -  Susan Haglund

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Susan and her husband moved to Peachland in 2014.   Susan Haglund is a retired executive and educational consultant with extensive leadership experience in public sector and professional organizations.  She holds a Diploma in Dental Hygiene (U Manitoba), the BC Instructors Diploma, and a Master of Education (SFU). Susan implemented administrative law and natural justice programs at 3 universities, privacy compliance programs at 4 organizations, and multiple enterprise software systems. She provided consulting services to enterprise software companies in Canada and internationally for existing systems and new product development.

Susan has over 30 years’ experience in the public and private post-secondary organizations, as faculty, University Registrar, Executive Director, Associate Vice President, and Privacy Officer. She has served on numerous boards of directors in the non-profit and higher education sectors, including the Canadian Mental Health Association (Vancouver), Christmas Manor (seniors’ housing, Coquitlam), and most recently as both Director and President of the Peachland Wellness Centre.  She is now immersed in painting.

Director - Pam Cunningham

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Pam Cunningham joined the Board of Directors of the Peachland Seniors’ Support Society when she was first elected to District of Peachland Council, in December 2013. Pam is a nurse who works in the senior's care sector. She has a good understanding of senior's care issues, their needs, and brings valuable knowledge and expertise to the board table.

In her free time Pam is very involved in her community, and has been Chairperson for the World of Wheels event for the past six years.

Director -  Grant Topham

Grant Topham.jpg

Grant Topham was born and raised in Peachland.  He joined the Peachland Fire Department in 1974 as a volunteer, and eventually retired in 2013  as the Fire Chief for the District of Peachland.  He became a Director for Peachland Seniors' Support Society in 2020.

His many years in business, construction, and his years on the Fire Department, has given him much knowledge on what it takes to volunteer and work with people.

He is currently a Committee member  for the Phase 2 building.

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