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Frequently Asked Questions About the Residences on 6th Housing

Where am I on the waitlist?
    - The Society is not able  to provide information concerning where your application is  on the waitlist.  The Society reviews applications when a unit becomes available.  Placements are made based on variables established by BC Housing Authority parameters  such as need, income, family configurations, etc.   Applications are not considered on a  first come first serve basis,  therefore priority placement constantly changes as new applications are received and existing applications change with updates.

Can I have a BBQ on my deck?
    - Yes, you are allowed to have a BBQ on your deck.  Your BBQ must be either electric or under 10,000 BTU and use no larger than a 1-lb propane cylinder.  If you are using a propane cylinder, you must dispose of as directed by local guidelines.

Are pets allowed?
     -Yes, each unit is allowed 1 domestic cat, or 1 dog (except a vicious or dangerous dog). The dog must be less than 30 lbs, and have a shoulder height no higher than 12 inches.  

Is there a common space?
     - Yes, the Residences on 6th has six separate sitting areas with, some with  lake views. There is also a common room,  known as the Oltmanns Room.  This room offers a full kitchen, little library, and TV for use by the  tenants.  Tenants can also use this room and can book it for their use for a  private function.

Is smoking allowed?
    -No.  The Residences on 6th is  a smoke free property.  Smoking is not permitted in units, on balconies, or anywhere on the property.

Is there assigned parking stalls?
  -No.  There are 35 designated parking stalls for tenants  at the Residences on 6th, and all are first come first serve.

Are there any charges besides  rent?
     - Yes.  Each tenant is required to pay for their own electricity (BC Hydro), internet, cable,  and telephone.

Is Tenant insurance mandatory?
      -No.   Tenant insurance is not mandatory, however, tenants are strongly encouraged to carry adequate insurance coverage for fire, smoke, water damage and theft, for  their possessions. Tenants may be held liable for accidental injury, damage or breakage arising from the tenant's wilful or negligent act or that of their guests. 

What appliances are included in rent?
       - All units come equipped with a fridge, stove, washer, dryer, heating/AC unit.  There are 5 accessible units that have a dishwasher.                            

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